A sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or a team competes against anther or others for entertainment. A curriculum vita is a summary of experiences, skills, and education background that one has reached in time of writing.

My blog entails about the aspect of posting relevant information about an individual participating in any category in sports weather soccer, rugby ,volley ball etc. that information brings out the aspect of CV.

My main target group is the clubs management, people with any kind of talent that is related to sport, and anybody interested in doing research of talents and skills in any category of sport. This will mostly be fast hand information because the information will be provided by the individual of whom I have posted his/her CV.

Digital wise the data send or I collect will be edited and in the end posted in my blog in terms of photo, video layout and according to the type of sport one is participating in and the level of experienced skill and talent he/she has displayed.

With also digital design my blog will also deal with advance technology that over the years has evolved like goal line technology use of headsets that makes the game more fair and fun to watch for the ever growing audience.

Hence mainly my blog will be like a platform for people with exceptional skill, talent and experienced to be noticed or advertised in the blog hence creating a wide range of competition and exposure of people in any sport that he/she participate.

1932002_heroa      The blog will mainly deal with the local talent/service provider but create a wide market for people with talent worldwide.


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